December 13, 2016

One thing


A lot of problems seem complicated, chock full of interconnected dependencies and related consequences. The actual thing, this, gets mixed in with that and that and that and that. Trying to discuss this, you find yourself wading through all that.

It’s noise. And most of it is produced by noisy people who can’t or won’t focus on the real issue.

So, there’s price and cost and resources and difficulties and politics and partners and incumbents and issues. Not all noise. But it’s too easy to focus on every piece and ignore the real question.

Do we want to do it?

If the answer is No, then let’s move on.

If the answer is Yes, then it’s about How, and we’ll deal with every piece in turn.

Without setting direction, complexity will drag you around in circles.

Knowing that one thing first, everything else gets in line.

Skippy strategy: First what, then how.