May 23, 2019



The problem comes, the problems mount, the progress stalls, the backlog of things that needing doing grows down the page when you imagine/hope/wait for the perfect decision. Nothing can get going with a waiting game. Everything waits too. Parked. All the dependencies sit around, scratching their architectures, until someone has the courage/attention/energy to make a decision.

Because decisions release progress. Decisions are progress.

With the decision, everyone who was spinning their gears can engage and dig down into the dirt again. On solid enough ground to gain traction and move forward.

The decision may not be perfect, it may need a tweak here and there or a reset after a while, and sometimes, rarely, but not catastrophically, maybe even a back track.

In the mean time, progress. Learning. Motion. Connections. Action.

Skippy strategy: Decisions don’t need to be perfect, they just need to be made.