July 14, 2019

People have opinions


Internally and externally, everything you do is always being reviewed. Why you made this decision instead of that, the person you hired and the one you didn’t, the feature you added and the one you keep leaving out, your choice of supplier or partner or cross functional team colleagues, what you prioritise, the time and the agenda and the spirit of the meeting. Everything. Always. Because people have opinions.

And when they share their opinions whether they’re in words or actions, some of it will be negative.

Your reaction is crucial. Not that you should bend with every wind and change your mind just because you’re challenged. But to listen. To hear. To appreciate the perspective. To learn when you can and to explain the why of your choices. From “good point, I’ll get back to you” to, “we did it this way because…”.

Skippy strategy: Engage in alternative opinions.