January 12, 2018

Problem solving


Problem solving is a question of talents and time. The more talent involved, the more time allowed, the better the solution. In theory. But we all know that too many people given too much time often adds up to compromise and bureaucracy and the safest of all possible bets.

So what gives?

Enough talent … and no more. Pick your team based on contribution (not position), blend enthusiasm and attitude with experience (not job title), then brief them with specifics and give them room to dig under their assumptions.

Enough time … and no more. There’s nothing like a healthy deadline to get the juices oozing onto the whiteboard. A healthy deadline is an achievable one, but only if the team pulls together and catches a creative break.

Enough structure … and no more. Give direction and agency, give responsibility and authority, give support and make connections.

Skippy strategy: Solve problems with time, talent and structure.