January 6, 2017

Push back the push back


Doing something new is more work than doing something old.

It’s not the actual doing that’s necessarily harder, it’s that getting to a place where the new thing becomes normal can be a slog.

It starts with double time – few of us have the free hours (or months) gaping for a juicy morsel to slip in. We’re already pretty busy with the day-to-day so something new always lands on top. And even if you can clear some time, it might not be so easy for everyone else.

Then there’s the anguish – it might not work, it might be a wash, it might set us back – that makes every step heavier.

Which brings push-back … What’s wrong with the old way? Do we have to do it? Let’s not bother.

Take it on, but know you’re taking on more than the thing itself.

Skippy strategy: Push back the push back.