March 10, 2020

Quicker decisions


Looking back over a year, it’s impossible not to benefit from hindsight. All the coulda shoulda’s that would have made a heap of difference and a prettier picture. Being honest, alongside the lottery numbers you should’ve picked, one category outweighs the rest. 

Those times when your gut told you what to do but you held on and held on and hoped that things would turn out for the best. When the decision to hire or fire, to invest or exit, to twist or hold or fold were right there, you knew where the smarts were pointing, but you kept your hands in your pockets and waiting for another spin or ten of the wheel.

If there’s a lessons you’re willing to learn, it’s quicker decisions.

It always feels easier to put things off. That easy option just postpones the inevitable and leads to reflective regret.

Skippy strategy: Quicker decisions.