June 21, 2017

Remaining blanks


There aren’t too many decisions in any given year that, you know, actually make much difference. Not that most decisions aren’t important, it’s just that their only real use is to help you take the next step instead of sitting about at the junction petrified about which path to follow.

Each route looks pretty much the same, each one will get you where you’re going, it’s just a question in variation.

Once in a while though, there’s a yes-or-no risk-based pretty-damn-important decision.

If we do this … it changes our direction …

How to make those decisions:

– What’s our best understanding of the potential effects?

What’s the upside? What’s the downside? What do we know now, we can how can we fill in more blanks on we don’t know, what remaining blanks are our leaps of faith?

Then … make the decision … and live with it.

Skippy strategy: Know when and what you’re leaping.