July 3, 2019

Revisit to taste


The truth is that you’ll have to revisit every decision you ever make. Whether it’s the features to build, the services to offer, the people on the team, the hr systems you use, the policy on privacy, the customer to prioritise, the everything you do is a movable feast.

This means, make the decision and get-on-with-it/live-with-it until you have to make the next decision about the same thing. It’s not going back, it’s not about mistakes, it’s about making the best choice you can with the information/budget you have at the time you need to make it.

It’s about taking decisions so you can take actions in the full understanding that action is better than sitting around waiting for all the cards to drop into alignment.

That doesn’t mean make lazy choices, it means make active choices and get on with it.

Skippy strategy: Decide – then revisit to taste.