March 21, 2016

Rumbling wrangles


Some questions that just seem to rumble on. Always in the background, leeching energy as they get talked about and talked about and al-mo-st settled and then talked about some more.

Whilst nobody would say that’s a smart idea – nobody – every company has these rumbling wrangles.

The reason? Short term, it’s easier not to do anything – because that means making a decision. And do you really need that kind of hassle when there’s already so much on your plate?

So they rumble. Maybe tomorrow, right?

This only ends two ways:

– Passively. It gets settled for you – like when the market moves, the good people leave, the calendar turns, someone somehow takes things out of your hands. You might call this luck.

– Actively. You settle it yourself – like when you make the decision. You might call this leadership.

Skippy strategy: Stop the rumbling. Make active choices.