March 9, 2020

Run away


One way to deal with a difficult situation is to run away from it. The other is to put in on the table and work out how to actually deal with it.

In the run-away method, you end up dealing with the difficult situation every day, by manoeuvring and negotiating and accommodating it, until you actually deal with it. Not so much running away, more a putting it off mechanism, where putting it off actually means putting off looking the problem in the face and and seeing what’s actually there.

Which might be horrible, and who wants to do that?

Well, you, eventually.

The put it on the table method – which you’ll come to – let’s you see things for what they are and gives you some actual facts to work with.

Which is always more actionable than fearing the unknown.

Skippy strategy: Get it on the table and deal with it.