May 1, 2017

Running fast


When everything’s sorted, when they’ve have had a chance to settle into standard practice, business as usual is pretty much the same today as yesterday and there’s plenty of focus on efficiency and effectiveness. The idea is to squeeze cost and inefficiency out of the game whilst continuing to do what you have to do.

At the other end – when starting things up or changing the game you’re playing – the earth spins faster. Nothing’s on idle, no systems are honed, you don’t know if you need one or two, or if they’re long and tall or short and wide.

Keeping up means running faster. With imperfect knowledge and everything in flux … you make mistakes – build and buy things you don’t need or are the wrong type, hire the wrong skills, cock things up. It’s inevitable.

Running fast comes with risk. Them’s the breaks.

Skippy strategy: Brush yourself down. Go again.