May 25, 2016

Set in stone?


By the time you’ve put a decent amount of effort into solving a problem, it’s likely you’re invested in the solution you’ve found.

That’s a good thing, right?

It gives you a doggedness that pushes past all challenges and implements against the odds, that ignores the naysayers as you keep your eyes fixed firmly on the prize.

Unless … you’re hanging on too tight.

To be so invested in your answer that you ignore the voices inside your own head that scream BAD IDEA. To blank out the bad location, high price, cheap materials, poor fit. To fixate on the first problem and ignore the second and third problems you’re about to create.

Pay attention to those voices. Give them credit. Listen when they talk about problems two and three, weigh those against problem one. Remove the vested interest.

Then make the decision. Cold.

Skippy strategy: Loosen your grip on solution one. Is it solid or does is slip away?