June 28, 2020

Some decisions though


Some decisions make themselves. Most. Everyone puts their thoughts on the table or spreads them around the whiteboard, a spreadsheet I crafted, the discussion is had and a consensus develops around a very obvious choice.

Some decisions though. With all the evidence in play, no clear winner emerges, no no-brainer, no happy clappy agreement. It’s nothing more than a judgement call. At this point there are two new questions: who’s judgement, and how do they use it?

Who makes the judgement? Is it team consensus, a formal vote (what happens if there’s a tie? Someone has two votes?) or a designated decision maker?

How do they do it? Is it about all the evidence and a final judgement, is it a No unless there’s a unanimous Yes (or the other way around), maybe it’s a coin toss or call in an external arbitrator?

Skippy strategy: Clear decisions need clear decision making.