December 18, 2020

Some of that

Pony Express

 Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could see not only a perfect vision of the future in glorious technicolor with stereophonic sound, but a clear and precise path that identifies and avoids all the risks and obstacles and distractions to take us all the way from here to there. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we knew, at the outset, that we have what it takes, whether measured in skill or confidence or cash or contacts.

Mmm, hmmm, I’ll have me some of that.

But, erm, we don’t. The best we can do – the best mind – is a decent picture, an identified path, and a belief in our ability to use our resources to out-think and out-manoeuvre the unknown unknowns that we know will be in the way, and the most powerful resource of all … the confidence to make timely decisions and act on them.

Skippy strategy: It’s about making decisions.