April 13, 2019

Swallow hard


Unanimity is lovely. You get to the end of the conversation, the angles have been considered, dissenters listened to, arguments fought and positions examined and understood … and universal agreement breaks out. Where there was division, there is unity. Where there was conflict, there is cohesion.

Unanimity is lovely, and it happens more often than not. Most people, most times, bend. Their opinions evolve. The facts and opinions coalesce into an obvious choice. It may not have been where they started, but it’s where they ended. The next thing to do is get on with it. No question.

Sometime though … unanimity is unavailable.

Weigh the arguments, swallow hard, make the decision anyway and set off in one unambiguous direction. No hedging.

If that means go, go hard. If it means wait, wait quietly. If it’s left, left it is. Adjust when necessary.

Skippy strategy: Progress only happens after the decision.