August 3, 2019

That can


Cans can be kicked down the road.

This has the advantage of not having to deal with this particular can today. It’s puts off any discomfort and lets everyone get on with the work of … dealing with the lack of clarity and the confusion whilst sitting in a holding pattern until the can eventually does get dealt with.

The big thing can kicking allows, sloooow-motion living. Everyone waiting, waiting for some definitive action, a decision, some resolution. 

The only thing can kicking spares, is a little short term discomfort.

The solution – get over it, grasp the nettle, live with the discomfort (and maybe the sense of loss) and do the thing you know you need to do.

Cans can indeed be kicked down the road, but kicked cans make noise, go rusty, and pollute the environment they occupy.

Skippy strategy: Take one last look at that can, and make the decision.