December 21, 2018

The crossover


Would you build a skyscraper on your own, one shovel of concrete at a time? Don’t forget the design part, and finding the land, and getting the permissions and permits and working out how tab A will fit into slot B on the seventy-first floor. Of course you wouldn’t. Of course you’d pull in the experts at every turn. Of course you’d hire a skyscraper size workforce with skyscraper experience and a track record of buildings that go up straight.

Would you hire the same team to take a family photo? 

OK. Stupid question.

Somewhere between the two extremes is the crossover to where you know you need help. Where you could cludge it yourself but someone else could nail it?

That thing you’re struggling with … where you’re out of your comfort zone and with a looming deadline … is that the crossover?

Skippy strategy: Call in the talents when you need them.