January 12, 2016

The curse of avoidecision


Two kinds of decisions.

Decisions for action – to do something.

Decisions for inaction – to not do something.

They’re a pair:

– A vote for action implies a corresponding inaction – doing this means we can’t do that.

– A vote for inaction implies an action on something else – not doing this means we can do that.

Sometimes the decision is to get more information. OK. Let’s do that.

Problems build when we avoid decisions. We’re destined to talk about it again, and again, and again, until we do make a decision or our lax ways takes things out of our hands.

And that’s a waste of time or opportunity or both.

Good decisions, bad decisions. The thing about decisions – at least they end in action.

Skippy Strategy: Any decision is better than avoidecision.