June 12, 2019

The customer-bone


How often do the technologists or the developers or the accountants or the marketeers or the procurement people or the production managers or the lawyers or the dispatchers or the middle managers in the middle or the company … make decisions that impact the customer? Every day? Ten times a day? Twenty?

Let’s settle on all day, every day.

And most of the time those decisions make the wheels spin the direction they’re supposed to spin. They’re keeping-going decisions. They’re taken as close to the specific action as possible to deal with whatever snags are threatening to snaffle progress on the day-to-day of the thing.

Sometimes though, they’re hang-on-let’s-do-this-different decisions that have the potential to disrupt everyone else’s keeping-going. The foot-bone affects the leg-bone affects the hip-bone affects the back-bone.

And when that happens, someone should be thinking about the customer-bone.

Skippy strategy: Run impact tests up and down the spine.