September 16, 2018

The decision means this


News travels. Somehow, everyone knows the result of the meeting, the bid, the fundraising, the partnership, the product-development launch-cycle buy-and-build phase-workflow. Everyone. Those at the sharp end, who contributed the most, were in the loop and got the glory or misery first hand – you probably congratulated or commiserated and thanked hand-to-hand.

For everyone else, the grapevine does its job. Everyone knows the result, but you still have two jobs.

Thank-yous – Pick up the phone, walk into their office, send a personal note. Make sure everyone not only knows the answer, but that you appreciate their individual contribution. They may have been just doing their job … but thank-yous are one of yours.

What this means – Make it personal. The decision means this, you need to do that, the next step is in this direction. Every piece of meaningful news deserves an impactful conversation.

Skippy strategy: Thank yous and next steps.