April 28, 2020

The game you’re given


If it’s entirely your decision, you get to set the bar on what’s acceptable in terms of data, evidence, instinct, negotiation, risk. It’s your ball and you can nail it, or ignore it, or paint it blue or do any other thing with it you like.

When it’s somebody else’s, they get to call. For you, it might be all about gut and the middle ground, for them, it could be all about the data hungry analytics. It’s not a difference in style, it’s a difference in power – and the rules of engagement are set on the powerful principal.

Spend your energy on the game you’re playing, not the one you’d like to play. If they want data and logic and fluid dynamics, think like an engineer. If they want philosophy and core principles, that’s the field of play.

Skippy strategy: Get over it and play the game you’re given.