November 28, 2018

The hangovers


In the beginning of things, when there’s no customers or money or staff or very much of anything, we turn our hand to everything. Even in new departments in large companies, the first people through the door tend to take actions that are way outside of their experience and job description. Such is the way of starting things up.

Later, evolution takes hold and everything, pretty much everything anyway, finds the fittest way of getting done.

Except the hangovers.

Like the head of development who still acts as first line support when Windows puts the shutter down. Like the head of commercial who’s still in charge of stationery,. Like the head of finance who’s pinching pennies and demoralising and demotivating the superstars who’ve come on board.

Whilst everything evolves into place, make sure to ease the hangovers (which tend to hang in the biggest heads).

Skippy strategy: Ease those hangovers