February 8, 2020

The locus


Any choices that are best for customers tend to be pretty good for getting customers too. And customers make everything else possible. But there can be downsides. Like adding features (and costs) that some customers might like (and are good for them) but not enough to pay for. Like reducing features and lowering prices that might be exactly what’s appreciated by one group of customers, but drives others to find higher value-add suppliers.

When you in a “what’s best for customers” mode, start with the customers you’re trying to be best for. The big question: are you looking to service (and attract) customers who prioritise features, or service, or price?

Sure, the real-world answer will be a blend of the three, but that doesn’t mean fudge. Where is the locus? Who and what is your target? What do they think is best?

Skippy strategy: When decision making, start with the beneficiary.