November 24, 2017

The other thing about guesses


The other thing about guesses … they don’t have to be guesses for long.

You need them when you have no alternative, absolutely. They sit in for facts until you can light up the dark, totally. But they’re a short-term fix. As shorter term as you can make it.

And that means going hunting for data.

Some is right there on the surface, if only you’d looked before – and now you have! Some is always going to be buried deep in the snow, you have to dig and dig and dig – not easy, groping around until you find what you need, ever when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. And then there’s some, that only covered because you haven’t asked the right question to the right person.

The other thing about guesses … replace them by looking, digging, and asking questions.

Skippy strategy: Fill in the blanks, actively.