March 20, 2017

The sticker price


The thought process …

Nice car … oh, that’s expensive! … I wonder what kind of deal they’ll do?

Some buyers pay the sticker price, but not many. Most will trade.

Some businesses get their sticker price, but not many. Most will trade.

They’ll work fewer days, take something off the top before you even ask, take something off the new top just because you asked, reduce their service commitment, de-scope the project or materials or process. They’ll work around you. They’ll do what’s necessary to win the business.

The point of the sticker price … somewhere to start.

A place to set the ground rules and start a negotiation, so everything can be brought in to play, where value is measured and options assessed.

The more important the game, the more both sides treat it as an opening.

Skippy strategy: An agreed price – an accepted measure of value. To both sides of the table.