October 10, 2016

Their job

Stick price

It isn’t the buyer’s job to make your life easier. It’s their job to decide: what they want, how much they’ll pay, where and when and who.

When they’re looking for help, it’s your job to make their life easier, with a proposition that hits the spot, and their decision easier, with your compelling marketing and selling skills.

Often times – they like the what, the where, the when and the who … it’s just the sticker-price that causes an issue.

Then what?

Roll over, stick hard, negotiate, underline the value, let them think, show them another angle, focus on the objective, cry, shout, laugh, bluff, play the game, split the difference?


No easy answers. No perfect play-book.

Talk it out, do what you can to connect across the gap, then let them decide.

Skippy strategy: Make it as easy for them as you can, and no more.