November 22, 2016

Thick soup


Sometimes the answer is poke-me-in-the-eye obvious. The very instant you ask the right question, the solution presents itself in clear relief. We do this, and this and this, which gets us that, and we’re done. All is good with the world.

Sometimes though, probably most times, the first answer that presents itself certainly comes out first, might even be obvious, and might-might just-just work if you add some some sticky tape and look with a squinty eye … but isn’t much good. It’s primary (only) positive attribute as a success formula – it was the first thing you thought of.

In other words, it’s a blind jump into a thick soup that could drag you under.

You have to work for answers. Whether they’re obvious or otherwise, the gather your sources, think things through, then jump with your eyes open.

Skippy strategy: Don’t jump too soon.