August 20, 2019

Things that worked


After a while, things begin to look familiar. What was novel or challenging the first time around becomes every-day and ordinary by the time you’ve been around the block a few times.  A little while longer, you settle into a pattern – when that happens, we do this.

Thing is, most of those received practices were just things-that-worked the first time around. You hit some bumps, needed a solution and found a way through the maze. It worked, so you’ve used it over again. An expedience that worked.

The other thing is, another way might work faster, easier or just plain better. If you started again, knowing what you know but with added thought – not just that means this – you’d be more prepared, more experienced and more able to hit the ball a litter further.

No time pressure, just curiosity to find a better way.

Skippy strategy: Find a better way.