December 10, 2016

This way?


At the beginning of things, there’s the plan. We want to get here, we need to deal with these obstacles, we need to look out for unknowns, we’re going to do it this way.

In the middle, there’s likely to be a wobble. Why are we doing it this way? Those unknowns we worried about … now we know … so can we still go there, can we still do it this way?

At the end, if things have gone according(ish) to plan, and you got to the end zone – before it becomes standard practice, should you do it this way again?

If they didn’t go so well. Why did we do it this way? What didn’t we see, what was wrong with the plan, where did we miss the curve, what can we learn for next time?

Why this way? Before, during, and after.

Skippy strategy: Always ask questions.