May 9, 2018

Through the spokes


Some subjects are complex with endless dynamics in play. Technologies, resourcing, strategy, personal preferences, vested interests, timing, prioritisation. Without direction and a deadline you’ll be going around in circles until someone puts a stick through the spokes.

Direction – if you don’t break the conversation down to its constituent parts, and deal with them each in turn, you’ll wind up chasing the debate – flipping between subjects and flopping between arguments as points are scored and tight spots (and certainty) are manoeuvred around. Pin down the jelly.

Deadline – with no end in view there’s no end to view points. The conversation can run to its own schedule, month to repetitive month, a non-decision begets a non-decision begets a non decision. With time to prepare final arguments, force a decision-point onto the schedule.

Prepare for it, talk about it, decide which way to go.

Skippy strategy: Put a stick through the spokes of revolving arguments.