October 12, 2018

Two ways


There’s nothing about a difficult decision that makes it easy. Hmm.

Maybe it’s difficult because it’s a close judgement call and the consequences are large. Maybe it’s because objectively the answer is obvious but for one reason or another (you’re timid, obstinate, shy, scared) you’d rather live on the subjective-passive side of the fence. Maybe you’re waiting, waiting for some additional evidence that will tip the balance towards left or right.

This is going to go one of two ways:

– You’ll make the difficult decision and get on with all that it means. And if it turns out badly you’ll find a way to retreat or tap dance your way in another direction.

– You’ll wait and wait and wait until you have no choice or the decision is made for you. And if it turns out badly … same as option one.

Skippy strategy: May as well get on with it.