April 23, 2016

Ugly dance

Bent angles

Judgement calls are always an ugly dance.

When there’s no definitive right to wrong and it’s all a matter of degrees, choosing which lines to draw and where to draw them can make for complex conversations.

Consensus is lovely, but not the primary goal. You need opinions laid out and robust debate. It’s not about winning arguments so steer away from defence and offence. It’s about opening up the angles, not cuts and bruises.

And then, when it’s time, someone has to make sense of the lines and construct a coherent position.

Does that means someone may feel bent and bruised, despite your best intentions? Maybe. Probably. Especially if it’s their first time around the dance hall.

Confidence in a group can take time, and it’s lack of confidence that allows ego damage. Given time – and a context of of decisions on the merits and zero politics – good people get there.

Skippy strategy: Debate is worth the risks.