October 28, 2017



When everything fits … wow!

When the person fits the role, when the product fits the niche, when the supplier fits the procurement process, when the weirdly shaped peg fits the strangely shaped hole – when everything is perfect, it’s a total non-decision and all is good with the world.

And the other way … when nothing fits, when the mismatch is clear for all to see, when everyone knows the peg and the hole won’t go … kapow! A total blowout.

Then there’s the grey area when most of us live – trying to push roundish pegs into kinda-sorta square holes. With just a little more force … unngh!

But if it don’t fit, it don’t fit.

When the person, the product, the supplier, the peg is so far from perfect that to make it fit means breaking the toy … keep on looking.

Skippy strategy: Don’t force it.