February 19, 2024

Use them


Assuming that you have the resources … why not use them?

Why not hire some to help to chow down on the backlog of accounting, selling, production, coding, stock-taking, assembly, operations, thinking?

Why not hire in the experts to crack the nut so you can get on with work you know you need to get to sooner rather than after yet another round of latte lateness?

Why not buy the machine that’s the difference between making-do and hitting your targets with capacity for flexibility?

Why not take the bold decision you’re running scared of addressing because it’s uncomfortable (but is the right thing to do)?

Two reasons – holding on to what you’ve got, and sunk cost.

Holding on? This is the rainy day, or will be if you don’t act.

Sunk cost? Stood here today … tomorrow is more important than yesterday.

Skippy strategy: Assuming you have the resources … use them.