November 17, 2020

Waiting for the stars


Too often, we hang on to bad decisions.

Maybe we chose up rather than down and up could still come good. Maybe we’re waiting for the stars to align just so, and maybe they will, one day. Maybe it’s about a hire that doesn’t quite seeeeeem to be working out but maaaaaybee they miiiight if we give them that liiiiitle bit more time.

When you know, in your gut. When everyone around you is telling you, and not just the ones who would have gone a different way in the first place. When the evidence is stacking up and it’s not just opinion, but it’s opinion too. It’s time.

Gather your team, put the facts on the table, say, this is what I’m seeing, and ask for their assessment. And when you’ve listened between the lines. Let go of your bad decision.

Skippy strategy: Don’t hang on to bad decisions.