October 4, 2018

Wasted time


The longer you hold off on making the decision, the longer you’re committed to the status quo. 

And that’s not too bad, is it? The existing state of affairs didn’t get to that position without being the right place to be for all that time up until now – so no change can’t be that bad. Can it?

Hmm. Without digging in to the actual decision and the right or wrongs of changing direction or swapping horses (and not forgetting the impossibility from here) the status quo isn’t just about the actual subject of the decision. 

It also describes indecision. Hanging about. Not knowing which way to move, what to prepare, whether to sit back or jump forward. And it describes all your people hanging about, and all the related decisions that can’t move without the first. 

No decision equals wasted time.

Skippy strategy: Make decisions as soon as makes sense.