June 5, 2020

We back ourselves


When to have a plan B?

Most of us like to back ourselves. We’re used to taking risks we know are risky, making commitments we know will need sacrifices, taking challenges we accept be difficult. When it’s personal, it’s entirely on us, and that’s ok. When plan A is for our team however, or organisation, we’re setting up more people for more than they know, more than some are comfortable with, and with more ramifications than can be taken lightly.

And still we back ourselves. We have to. But sometimes we need a plan B. When the what-if is getting scarier, when the evidence is mounting against, when the contingencies are having to be called, when the deadline is getting closer, when the mood in the room is shifting.

At least … talk about it. At least … be open.

Skippy strategy: Even if you’re absolutely, positively sure. Allow some room for plan B.