October 21, 2017

We could do it


We could do it. It would mean a little bit of this and a little bit of that. We’d get squeezed over there and we’d obviously have to work out how to deal with the other thing. But yep, we could do it.

Actually, why would we? Those things we’d have to deal with are bigger than you think. What if it goes too well, then we’d be swamped and we’d never hold on to everything. And anyway, we haven’t even talked to a customer yet. Who even knows if they’s want us to in the first place? Not at a decent price anyway. So no, let’s not do it.

And around and around.

Or … stop meandering around inside the organisation. Decide to investigate properly, or stop. Break down the walls, talk about it outside, work on making it possible. Then you’ll know.

Skippy strategy: Break down the walls.