December 12, 2018

We don’t care


With our positing and authority and influence, when we ask for things – real things or things to be done – most times people commit to getting it done. They adjust their schedules and push things around to fit our things in. They say No to other things because they’ve already said Yes to our. The good ones follow through on those commitments, they prioritise, they focus their attention and make sure they meet the deadlines and produce the deliverables.

Which is amazing. And the way to change the world.

Except … when we ask for things we don’t care about. When it was more of a passing fancy. When we forget about it.

All that effort: wasted. All that attention: wasted. All that time: wasted.

And worse, we’ve just taught them not to waste the effort, attention and time next time around.

Skippy strategy: Make sure you mean what you ask for.