October 1, 2016

What about now?


There’s so much that’s done on feel.

Steering the course, dealing with issues, changing direction, the right fit, questions of performance. You’re using your judgement everywhere you turn. After a while, it’s a comfortable place to be. Making calls and living with the consequences – they’re explainable, justifiable, and nobody knows what might have been.

Were you right? What’s the impact? Should you change course again? How about now? How do you know?

Keep relying on feel … or test and measure?

No brainer.

When the decision’s made, put sensors into play. Find ways that show progress and give early signals of good and bad news.

Now you’re dealing with numbers.

It’s no longer a question of what might happen. It’s what did happen. It’s what is happening now.

You’ve got the data. What about now?

Skippy strategy: Make decisions with what you know, then find ways to know more.