August 21, 2016

What we didn’t know


At the beginning of things, there’s an awful lot that we don’t know. Some of it is an obvious gap which we work to fill, then there’s the shadows chock full of things we can’t even imagine.

Slowly, slowly, ever-so-slowly, we fill in some blanks, throw light into the dark, and fit new knowledge onto our model of how things work. The map gets clearer with every step we take and with every thing we learn.

Thing is … sometimes the new knowns don’t really fit the old assumptions.

What then?

Plough on regardless? Take the new fork in the road? Stay the course? Accept you’ve been looking at the wrong map? Question your choices and stand lost at the crossroads?

When you newly know what you didn’t know, think again.

Redraw the map.

Move forward.

Skippy strategy: When the data doesn’t fit, think again.