February 19, 2016

Who makes the call?


Most times there’s not much need for a decision maker as the decision is obvious and everyone’s on side. The discussion happens, the pro’s and con’s are weighed, one side easily out-matches the other. Job done.

Then there’s the other times. When the arguments are nuanced, the risks and options balanced and opposing advocates hunker down with heels, dug, in, for, the, long, grrr, haul.

Who makes the call?

The obvious answer – “me, me, and umm, me.”

The reality –  in evolving teams, where everything’s in flux, where the org chart is a matrix of interdepartmental dependencies, where the formal boss is distant from the nuances, where … most of us live … authority is blurred.

Then what?

Confusion, frustration, irritation, obfuscation, contusion (?).

Solve it on the way in. When you first talk about it, work out the how of decision making. A vote, a person, a deadlock breaker?

Skippy strategy: What is the who and the how of decision making, for this specific decision?