March 21, 2019

With the why


Most entrepreneurial managers are open to change. Not just in a passive able to roll with the punches kind of way, but in an active let’s shake this thing up kind of way. And in their enthusiasm, they can forget that everyone else isn’t so comfortable with change, that other people might be more at ease in a groove – maybe not stuck in it, but within touching distance – knowing how things are organised and where everyone sits.

Even well thought-out perfectly-planned change takes time. 

Some of it because of active resistance – and you have to call out the nay-sayers and deal with push-back from vested interests. 

But a bigger portion – because people are unsure about how things will settle and that it will all work out.

So tell them the why, explain the diagnosis and prescription, and lead them down the path.

Skippy strategy: Lead change with the why.