March 27, 2019

Yesterday’s choices


The processes, systems, products, connections, networks, suppliers, customers, everything and every way you do business today is based on the requirements and circumstances you found yourself in yesterday. Or maybe the day or month or year before that. Today though, if you took a hard look, they may not be serving you as well as some smarter/faster/cheaper/better or more reliable/coherent alternatives.

That doesn’t mean you should change everything or reboot your world from scratch every day, but if you could change one thing, what would it be? 

Which system, which component, which suppliers are you using in a sleepwalk? Which are known to be flakey? Where could the greatest improvements be hiding? If you looked again at the major pieces, how and what and who would be different?

Look at your greatest dissatisfactions … and sort them out for tomorrow.

Skippy strategy: Don’t keep sleepwalking hand-in-hand with yesterday’s choices.