March 8, 2017

You called it


Ok. We’ve done all the talking. It’s clearly not the line that you wanted but the decision is made. We’re going for blue, not green.

That doesn’t mean kinda blue, that might in reality be pretty much green if you leave it a few days until no one is looking. Blue, to paraphrase, means blue.

What then? Go blue?

If you’re the decision maker, and someone goes green … I guess you’d do something about it.

If you’re not the decision maker, but the green leaning advocate, I guess you’ll get over it and go with the with the program.

But what if you are the leader, were green leaning, but the smart consensus was blue … and you called it?

You can change your mind … and go green. It’s your game. They’ll play your way.

But they’ll see through your commitment, and you’ll lose them.

Skippy strategy: A fair process needs honouring.