September 23, 2018

You won’t starve


And on the subject of thinking and thinking and thinking about it … do it. Pull the trigger. Make it happen. Let the dogs loose.

Once in a while … a big deal – which obviously demands significant effort.

Most times though … the only thing worse than the wrong decision (which you can live with anyway or set right if everything goes wrong) is no decision – which makes everyone hang around waiting for the sun to rise and set a few times before you do the inevitable thing and get on with it anyway.

They’re organisational version of eating at this restaurant or the other one. One might be better than the other, but either way, you won’t starve.

Most of the rest are retrievable if things go wrong. We did this, it didn’t work out, so we did this other thing. (Life, in other words).

Skippy strategy: Make the decision and move on to the next thing.