October 22, 2016

You’re guessing


You can waste a lot of time seconding guessing the customer.

It’s true, they might want this and they might want that. Unless they tell you, you’re guessing.

Guess away … spend a bunch of times working out scenarios, pretending to be inside the mind of the customer, bestowing on them a mess of priorities and reasonings and thought processes that they coulda shoulda mighta had. You can turn somersaults – they expect X so let’s go for Y, unless they expect that we’d go do that so maybe we should go for X anyway, but then what about Z? Repeat.

There’s two ways to cut through the cat’s cradle of knotty nonsense:

– Work out what you’d want (you know, think, then make the decision), and do that.

– Ask them what they want (you know, actually ask them), and do that.

Better yet, combine the two.

Skippy strategy: Stop second-guessing.