April 19, 2017

You’re wrong


If you ask people about your business – passers by, smart people, experienced people, people with domain expertise, customers, commentators, pretty much anybody – they’ll have an opinion.

If you’re smart, you’ll listen to the right people, take in what they say, absorb, digest and work out which make sense and you can use, and which are noise you can ignore. And repeat. Constantly.

The only person who really knows, who’s opinion really mattes, who has access to all the facts, is you. Every outsider is shooting from the hip. Their job is easy, risk free, and probably only of passing interest, even to them.

So when one of them tells you you’re wrong … pay attention. They’re smart, their opinion counts. Take is seriously. Think long and hard. Triangulate with other sources. Compare and contrast.

Then make up your own mind – not on dogma, but on reflection.

Skippy strategy: Trust yourself to work it out.