September 11, 2019

540 degrees


Three months after starting, any decent (and decently supported) manager will have a list achievements and changes they’ve put in place. They’ll have made a difference. Their people will have clearer objectives, the team will be more focused, the projects will be running more smoothly, the processes will be tweaked and the systems refined.

Don’t wait for the new manager. Don’t wait three months.

Walk out the door, spin a 540, and walk back in as that new manager. 

Take a long hard look at what you find.

Forget the received wisdom and vested interests and the decisions you took when they needed to be taken. 

Start again as that new manager. Talk to your team. Discover the obstacles they face inside these walls. Hear that lack of clarity.

Write a three month plan and get on with it.

Skippy strategy: Walk out, spin 540 degrees, walk back in and start.