January 13, 2017

A 360 degree view


It’s the auditor’s view of the world. Looking back. Remembering and reviewing and polishing the past. Seeing things as they were. Reminding you of the past.

Useful and everything. You have to learn the lessons, absoloodle. But if you always look back you’ll have a hard time moving forward.

It’s the rolling-news view. Right now. This happened. This happened. Leaping from one thing to the next. Ever onward, never forward.

Useful and everything. You need to know where you are. But if you leap from lily pad to lily pad, you’ll only ever make it around the pond.

It’s the chess-player’s view. This, then this, then this. An idea, a plan, action.

Useful and everything. Knowing where you’re going. But it’s not just about you, there are other people around the table.

With a 360 view, face forward.

Skippy strategy: You need it all.